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Truffle harvests have diminished by 95% in the last 110 years
Demand is rising exponentially – In the US alone it has grown from a market of $4m to $30m in 10 years

95% of the World’s supply of Truffles is sourced from the wild

Spain provides 34% of the World’s Black Perigord Truffles  -  Spain had no wild truffles in the winter season 2012/13!

Black Perigord Truffle grown in France are worth at retail €2,400p/kg

A single tree can produce up to 10kg of truffles per year

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We offer a rare opportunity to invest in world leading Truffle Plantations at a time when 95% of global truffle production has been lost, set against near exponentially rising demand in the last few years in the United States alone. With further exponential demand for the world’s premium luxury food from the tens of thousands of new wealthy from BRIC and MINT countries.

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+34 951 406 500

+44 203 475 3399

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A rare opportunity to invest in a world leading Truffle Plantation at a time when 95% of global truffle production has been lost

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