Templar Settlement Services S.L. (Templar) started trading in 2012 and is a fully registered private Spanish company with offices located in the luxurious resort of Marbella in Southern Spain.

Our aim and driven goal is purely to help clients diversify their portfolios, enabling them to secure far greater rates of return than they may be able to achieve elsewhere from the markets.

Templar does not charge clients for the services we provide, all consultation and future wealth planning services are free.

Templar acts solely as an agent – brokerage. While many clients have the misguided perception that the selection of a product and allocation will take considerable time and effort, this is not the case. The majority of clients comfortably complete within five to seven days.

If you have any concerns, anything at all, please address them with your consultant, who will endeavour to answer your questions in full by substantiating the facts. Templar understands that transparency and a strong comprehension of the buying process and procedures are vital.

The process from beginning to end has been streamlined for complete transparency and starts when you ask your consultant to move forward. However please remember Templar’s Legal and Compliance Department cannot contact you until you have completed the online contact and registration form, which can be found on the “Contact Us” page of our websites.

Your consultant will ask a series of questions before completing the in-house documentation required by our legal and compliance department – before your individual contracts can be drawn up. The information we require before you can proceed is not intrusive, however is paramount when drafting contracts:

1) Your name as it is on your passport, date of birth and nationality.

2) Your current address and the period of time you have resided there, your email address and any additional contact telephone numbers.

3) How long you will need to complete the transaction and return the contracts, depending on product and project. This is normally completed within 5-7 working days however, the additional security protection afforded while purchasing some investments (pensionable options) can incur time delays, for this reason alone we will happily grant an extension upon request.

The protocol and procedures implemented by Templar are for your additional safety, security and protection. All contracts will be sent out electronically by email for your consideration and approval.

The Templar Process requires a recorded compliance call whereby we will request AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) documentation; this is a legal requirement. The compliance call also ensures that your Templar Consultant or any of our sub-agents have been upfront, honest, transparent while substantiating the opportunity, its benefits and correctly promote the, fixed, guaranteed and or projected returns.

All contracts will arrive electronically by email within 48 hours. Although more often than not within 2 hours your Templar Consultant will contact you by telephone to ensure that your contracts have arrived safely and that all details are correct.

AML (Anti-Money Laundering)
Although we do not share your information with any third party companies or government bodies (for example – UK’s HM Review & Customs) it is a legal requirement with some of the opportunities we promote and this practice is to help you comply with the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, Terrorism Act 2000 and Money Laundering Regulations 2007 and all amending legislation to date.

If clients wish to secure an opportunity on behalf of their company, an adolescent (in trust) or for a pension (SIPP/QROP’s/SSAS), there may be additional information required by financially regulated bodies and/or HMRC.

Payment & Completion

The final stage, although often the most difficult for many new clients, is the transfer of funds to complete the transaction.

When clients action the transfer of funds to complete the transaction, please note banking coordinates are clearly identifiable in all contracts. This can include bank transfer details, banker’s draft or credit card payments instructions. Our Legal and Compliance Department cannot do this for you however can and will assist you. This and can be done in person, at your branch or over the telephone. Alternatively many clients now have online banking facilities and can action the transfer directly from their smartphone or computer in matter of seconds.

Please ensure that any and all additional references are added to the paperwork, for ease of tracking. You will have already received banking coordinates, when you proof read and approved the contracts. However there are many banks and building societies which all have different protocol and processes. With many financial institutions now imposing daily limits on the volume of funds that can be transferred. We recommend you talk to your bank or building society before you proceed.

The whole process sounds very long and drawn out, however can be completed in minutes.

If however you have an unforeseen problem (such as timescales while transferring funds from overseas or releasing capital from underperforming assets) or delays for whatever reason. Please contact your dedicated Consultant to discuss any complications, please remember you are not the first, and won’t be the last client to have had a similar problem. Templar Consultants are trained to deal with the unforeseen and often know the best course of action.

Now you have now returned your Contracts, AML and your funds have arrived and cleared with the product provider.

From all of us at Templar, we would like to welcome you on board and look forward to working with you in the months and years to come; your dedicated Consultant will contact you, simply to congratulate you while ensuring that you have received all documentation (everything) required for your future reference.

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(please note all calls direct to our European office)

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