Welcome to Templar Settlement Services S.L.

Templar Settlement Services S.L. is a privately owned company based in the luxurious coastal town and resort of Marbella in Southern Spain since our formation in 2012.

We provide our international clientele with a variety of alternative and tangible asset classes from around the world for sophisticated and experienced investors. Our consultants and financial planners have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, coming from various financial backgrounds including the regulated and unregulated financial markets.

Initially Templar was geared towards portfolio and pension planning for ex-pats, experienced investors, high net worth individuals and sovereign wealth funds.

What We Do

Templar actively look to source and secure time tested and proven alternatives investments for further portfolio diversification. Our mission and common goal is simple, we aim to help and assist you increase your future resources and capital, while providing you with future financial security.

We act solely as an agent broker and unlike many brokerages, there are no fees for our services, we receive introductory payments from the various product providers.

Our Services

Templar works hand in hand with many different developers and companies globally. Driven predominantly by secure product selection and volume of sale, our dedicated consultants and wealth partners afford clients their knowledge and experience, helping them understand a variety of financial mechanisms and any all associated risks. Templar delivers individual wealth planning solutions to fit your circumstances.

Alternative Investments

The markets we promote are specifically geared towards portfolio diversification. Alternative Investments are an investment other than Stocks, ISA’s or Cash and are predominantly unregulated. Due to the nature of the products we promote Templar is not legally required by regulation or law to adhere to any regulatory financial service or institutional guidelines.

However, Templar currently promotes several options which comply with financial regulation and the protection afforded by the regulatory institutions having already been approved for SIPP, SSAS and QROP’s with a number of pension providers. Templar already provides a service with strict protocol and satisfactory practice for future regulation.

However alternative investments – Come in many forms and guises for example: Antiques, Art, Watches, Jewellery, Diamonds, Precious Metals, Oil’s, Coins, Stamps, Wine, Residential and Commercial Property, Forestry and Classic Cars are all considered to be Alternatives, which have proven to be extremely profitable for many open minded investors. Other financial assets such as Commodities, Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Financial Derivatives, Venture Capital, Crowd Funding and Film Production are also termed to be alternative forms of investment.

Consider the ancient use of such assets classes to enhance portfolios and preserve wealth – many alternative investments are considered to “real and tangible assets” having been tried and tested over hundreds of years, if not millennia having been openly traded since records began.

​​Due Diligence

Templar undertakes a rigorous and comprehensive due diligence process prior to endorsing any and all of our arm chair investments.

Our research team consider every conceivable eventuality, while carrying out full and comprehensive due diligence. In turn our partners will also have completed their own extensive due diligence on our company brand and brokerage, before allowing us to become an affiliate partner or agent.

We would like to remind you of the importance of doing your own due diligence before moving forward with confidence. There are hundreds if not thousands of companies called “Templar” globally, some are good and some are bad…

However there is only one “Templar Settlement Services S.L.” please ensure you research the right company or affiliated partner, remember Templar does not have any affiliation or ties with any other companies of similar name, title or services that they may or may not provide.


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